The Fourth River Project, Inc. is an umbrella organization coordinating research by individuals and groups in colleges and universities as well as research, non-governmental (NGOs) and other organizations. We also work with individuals directly.

The project is associated with Jesus Abbey in Taebaek, Korea

Currently, we are engaged in developing the River of Life School (BROCHURE) and the Three Seas Training Center in Taebaek, Korea which will eventually be the permanent home of the Fourth River Project and our primary training and conference sight. The Three Seas website [Korean] ).


The mission of The Fourth River Project, Inc. is to prepare for the opening of North Korea to the Gospel and to equip servant workers in all walks of life available to respond in any way needed for rebuilding the nation on the foundation of Jesus Christ.


The vision of The Fourth River Project, Inc. is that there be teams of men and women from all walks of life prepared to enter North Korea, express the love of Jesus Christ, seek reconciliation, proclaim the whole Gospel of Christ, build the Church of Jesus Christ and, with a deep understanding of the value of Biblical principles, assist in rebuilding North Korean society.

Fourth River Project, Inc. Mission and Vision, Korean Version

For further information, contact:

Ben Torrey
Executive Director
The Fourth River Project, Inc.

HP: 010-4578-7824
OF: 070-4042-3995

The Three Seas Center
Jesus Abbey
PO Box 17
Taebaek, Kangwon Do 235-600

39 Chestnut St.
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