Fr. Ben Torrey

In March of 2011, the Lord impressed on Ben Torrey the critical importance of the Korean Church coming together to build the Three Seas Training Center, home to The River of Life School, as a symbol of the Church's unity and concern for the future of a united Korea. He wrote a message to the leaders of the Korean church. It is available here in Korean and in English.

+ Korean
+ English

The following is a collection of short articles written by Fr. Ben Torrey starting in the fall of 2005 for the monthly Korean Christian magazine, Shinangye (Life of Faith). They deal with the importance of various factors for evangelizing North Korea and the need and ways to prepare the day when it will be fully open to any who seek to proclaim the Gospel there.

+ The Importance of Intercessory Prayer for the Opening of North Korea, September 2005

+ The Importance of Community Life for the Opening of North Korea, October 2005

+ The Importance of Labor for the Opening of North Korea, October 2005

+ The Importance of Christian Unity for the Opening of North Korea, November 2005

+ Preparing for the Opening of North Korea, Part I - Why Prepare, December 2005

+ Preparing for the Opening of North Korea, Part II - Ways to Prepare, January 2006

+ Preparing for the Opening of North Korea, Part III - Strategies, February 2006

+ Preparing for the Opening of North Korea, Part IV - Healing the Bride of Christ, March 2006

+ Towards a Theology of Unity, Part I - The Christian Church: What is It?, May 2006

+ Towards a Theology of Unity, Part II - Baptism, June 2006

+ Towards a Theology of Unity, Part III - New Commandment Love, July 2006

+ Towards a Theology of Unity, Part IV - In Whose Name?, August 2006

+ Towards a Theology of Unity, Part V - The Source of Our Unity, September 2006

Fr. Archer Torrey

Fr. Archer Torrey, founder of Jesus Abbey, Taebaek, Korea, has had a profound impact on Korean Christianity through his sermons and lectures, through the community of Jesus Abbey ( and and especially through his writings. For many years, Fr. Torrey contributed a column to the Christian monthly, Shinange (shin-ang-ge, Life of Faith), "Letters from a Mountain Valley." These columns have been gathered together into five very widely read volumes. Articles by him have also been published in a number of other journals and magazines. Several of his books are available for purchase in the US through In Korea, they are available in Christian book stores or at the Abbey itself. All of these publications are in Korean.

Fr. Torrey speaks with a prophetic voice calling the Church--in Korea, the West and around the world--to repentance. His constant theme is justice. He speaks of this in terms of Biblical economics and land. In addition to his calls for justice, personal repentance and collective righteousness, he speaks about the absolute importance of faith and obedience as well as the need for the power of the Holy Spirit in order to obey and fulfill God's purposes. He has taught extensively on all these subjects.

Fr. Torrey passed away on August 6, 2002.

The vast majority of his writings have been published only in Korean. Very little is available in English. We include a small selection of his writings in this section in English. In some, he speaks directly to the preparation for the opening of North Korea. In others, he addresses topics that are important as we think about North Korea and its future. These are generally short articles that will make you think, even if you do not fully agree. They are presented in chronological order. You will see some themes repeated throughout. He does not apologize for such repetition but sees it as obedience to the Biblical injunction to take every opportunity to teach, Deuteronomy 11:18-19.

+ Christian Faith and Conduct, January 1990
+ Korea and the Kingdom of God, November 1990
+ What is the Work of the Holy Spirit?, March 1991
+ Missions: A Creative Approach, May 1991
+ The Spiritual Conditions of Reunification, September 1993
+ Spiritual Warfare and the IMF, December 1993
+ Interest, January 1994
+ Missions, Evangelism and Social Action, February 1994
+ Inflation and God's Laws, March 1994
+ Shamanism, May 1994
+ Kim Jong Il and Repentance, July 22, 1994
+ Korea and the International Market, August 1994
+ Stock Market, October 1994
+ Comment on a paper by Mr. Lee P'oong, November 1994
+ The Necessity of Revival, January 1995
+ The Christian Labor Ethic, 1997
+ The Christian Understanding of Labor, 1997
+ Land and the Vocation of the Church, January 1997
+ Land Tax, March 1997